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The Biscuit Diet…

Not really a thing, or not yet anyway, but I could probably market the 'Nothing but Biscuits' diet as a successful weight loss scheme just by tracking my calories and eating purely biscuits to lose weight.

Crazier things have been done. Much like the ‘Twinkie’ diet or the popular fast food ‘subway’ and ‘Mcdonald’ so called weight loss diets.

However, all those carbs, saturated fats and lack of protein wouldn’t be the greatest for muscle retention and/or gain, but that's another story...

I don’t know about you guys and girls but during lock down I have been eating a lot of foods that I don’t normally eat, or foods I eat very little of, a lot!

For the past two days my diet has consisted of coffee and mostly bourbons.

The coffee is nothing new but one packet of Tasties a day is definitely not a regular occurrence. #iregretnothing

Many of us seem to stress when we overindulge, leaving us not really enjoying the food in the first place because we are worrying about the aftermath or the guilt of consuming 'unhealthy' food. This often leads to another period of indulgence, and the cycle continues.

It’s only human to eat more than you need now and again, try to accept it and move on, tomorrow is another day.

I’m not worried about the boat load of biscuits I’ve consumed over lock down, I know not to stress the small stuff and that I still have the opportunity to get in a good whole meal of ‘real’ foods later in the day. #eatyourveggies

So you’ve had a bad couple of days, don’t destroy your diet goals by making the situation worse and continuing on the same trend.

Enjoy it while it happens knowing that you have the ability and knowledge to change your actions when necessary.

‘There is no such thing as ‘bad’ foods, just a bad diet’, which holds true. It’s the frequency and quantity of the foods you consume which matters most in the grand scheme of things.

Occasionally ‘bad’ but consistently ‘good’, is probably a good methodology to live by whether it’s nutrition or not.

Enjoy food without regret

Much love



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