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  • Who I work with...
    Everybody begins their transformation from a different starting point. In order to provide value and the best possible coaching experience, I select clients on a case to case bases. I primarily work with individuals who are open minded and interested in utilising a plant-based diet to achieve their aesthetic and performance aspirations, however this is not a pre-requisite. I work with both men and women who have a favourable interest in performance metrics, resistance training and physique progression, generally within the age range of 22-55 years (this isn't a deciding factor). As a sports and exercise nutritionist the coaching is centered around performance related goals and behavioural change to get the most out of your diet and exercise performance, therefore, clients must be performance driven (specific to fat loss/muscle gain and overall health goals). ​ Client ability and education level can vary, though you must have a general understanding of exercise technique or be willing to learn and undertake regular (weekly) activity, this could be simply increasing your step count. ​ ​ There are some requirements all clients need to meet. An understanding of general technology is a must due to the nature of online training. ​ You must have access to a computer/laptop or tablet to take full advantage of the coaching experience. You must create or hold a free gmail account in order to access the sharing platforms used to produce and monitor your personalised diet and exercise program. Communication must be clear and include NO short hand text language to avoid any misunderstanding. Track food intake for the initial duration of the coaching service (2-3 weeks), or provide a dietary recall (1-2 typical days). You must have the funds to cover the minimal coaching subscription period (12 weeks).
  • Why do I have to commit to 2 months/8 weeks?
    The first 1 week is predominantly assessing and finding out about you and your current lifestyle in order to correctly assist your training and nutritional needs. This will involve you filling in a food diary and activity log so I can tailor to your daily requirements. Once recommendations and guidance have been given we need to monitor your progress and make amendments where necessary. Physical and performance changes take time to truly achieve quality results. The commitment period shows me that you are committed to educating yourself and making real change.
  • Do you offer discounts/special offers?
    From time to time I may put on offers for pre-made programs or trial products, though coaching services will not be discounted due to the time and demand put into BEETS coaching. If you are serious in furthering your knowledge, performance, and/or physique, I do offer a yearly subscription for $2999/£1499 including my full range of online services. Monthly payments are available. This offer can only be obtained by contacting me directly.
  • Is your service personalised to me or is it just another cookie-cutter program?
    I use my own templates as a foundation for client programs which cover all aspects of training and nutrition. Once I have your information I customise the program to fit you, continually amending the shared program over the coaching period. Though my business is predominantly online, I pride myself on the personalised service and approach. I aim to educate and motivate everyone to feel better within themselves, and not just to follow a program.
  • Does my coaching role over monthly?
    After the initial 8 weeks, unless you notify me that you wish to cancel, you will continue to be charged monthly. Just drop me an email and I will discontinue our service or simply cancel your direct debit. Alternatively, advise me on your desired coaching period (minimum of 8 weeks) and I can provide a one off payment link.
  • What payment methods do you take?
    I accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, and Credit Card/Direct Debit. Payment must be received before any service is provided. ​
  • What’s included?
    Coaching includes access to your coach via email, Google Drive, a members area, and Telegram, alternatively via one of our social media platforms. A personalised nutrition and exercise plan for you to adhere to with continuous amendments as you progress. Weekly check-ins with your coach. A Bi-weekly 30 min session or video response evaluating your progress, updates, how you are feeling, and what you like or dislike about the plan so we can make adjusts if needed. I ask for weigh-ins, measurements and/or photo updates, these aren’t necessary if you feel uncomfortable doing so, but helps evaluate your progress and overall helps you gain better results. Accountability and extra educational resources.
  • How does coaching work?
    Once you are sure that coaching is right for you, I ask that you fill in an application form on our site so I can get to know you a little better and provide a more personal service. Alternatively, you can contact me via and I will send you a link to a private application form. At the bottom of the form will be a link to book a consultation and pay for your chosen service. Once your payment has been verified I will confirm your consultation and await our first meeting. During your consultation we will cover your current lifestyle, diet and exercise history, wants and needs. After your first session you will receive any relevant material, for example consultation notes, dietary guidance and a nutrition and exercise coaching program. Your program will include a food diary and activity log to track your current eating habits and lifestyle, along with a 6-8 week exercise program, meal templates and dietary and activity goals. After the first week of tracking, we will be well on the way to achieving your desired results and most importantly, enjoying the process of learning new habits and skills along the way. You will be sent a check-in form every week to keep both you and myself update, making any amendments where needed to keep those results coming. Within the form I will ask for any questions you may have so that I can give you a detailed answer in your Bi-Weekly video/chat response.
  • What do I need?
    Nothing apart from an open mind and a can-do attitude, oh and preferably some scales (food and bathroom), and a tape measure. If you have a gym membership fantastic, but by all means not necessary. I cater everything around you, for example home or outdoor workouts, or even just nutritional guidance if exercise really isn’t for you. As the saying goes ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’ meaning there are many ways and means to achieve your desired goal.
  • Do I need to exercise?
    Though I recommend exercise as part of our coaching to aid your results, whether it be cardio or resistance training, it is not necessary to achieve your desired outcome if you are wanting to lose body fat/weight. It is possible to manipulate your results purely through nutrition, tracking your food intake, or using alternate lifestyle methods.
  • What if I've never trained before?
    You don’t have to have any experience with nutrition or exercise, that’s what I am are here for, to educate and instruct you step by step. However, if you want to take part in more complex exercises such as olympic/powerlifting I recommend you get a qualified person trainer as the risk of injury is greater without in person guidance and feedback.
  • Advanced and intermediate, will coaching benefit you?
    I cater to everyone no matter your experience level. Programming and nutrition profiles are adapted to suit the individual and their goal, be it short term or long term, for example adding 30 to 40 kg to your overall lifts or preparing for a bodybuilding show, or even a powerlifting meet, maybe you even want to run a marathon or ironman? My typical niche covers those with more physique focused goals (body composition, fat loss and muscle gain) who generally have 2+ years of lifting experience, however I have a background in performance nutrition for those who compete in array of sports.
  • How do I cancel?
    I have a 2-month (8 week) subscription, but if you let me know as soon as you sign up I will end your service at the end of the 2nd month/8 week. Optionally notify me a week before your next monthly payment via email and cancel your direct debit.

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