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Hi I'm Craig 👋, the creator of Beets Fitness & Nutrition, a performance nutritionist and personal trainer from the UK, living in New Zealand. 

Professional Interests & Specialist Areas: 

  • Plant-Based Nutrition

  • Sports Nutrition & Supplementation

  • Physique/Bodybuilding

  • Weight Management

My passion lies in assisting you reach your health and physique goals, whether that's transforming your body composition, enhancing your deadlift, or simply boosting your overall well-being. I firmly believe that there is no universal solution when it comes to diet and exercise, as everyone's journey is unique. Together, we'll tailor a plan that suits your individual needs, ensuring that you make progress and achieve the results you desire.


In a nutshell, my services are designed for those who are curious about plant-based nutrition. I am dedicated to assisting individuals who aim to build muscle, enhance their health, and transform their physique while embracing a plant-based diet. Together, we'll achieve your goals through creating a well-rounded, sustainable approach to exercise and nutrition.

​Services Include:


My role is to offer comprehensive guidance on adopting health-promoting habits, enhancing performance, and establishing a nourishing dietary routine. I am here to assist you in developing realistic, attainable, and sustainable behaviours that contribute to positive changes in your life. Together, we will work towards long-term transformation, gradually shifting the needle towards achieving remarkable results that can truly change your life, both in the months ahead and for years to come.

  • The coaching format and program design are straightforward yet comprehensive. They prioritise fundamental principles and step-by-step targets, ensuring that you have the necessary guidance and accountability to achieve your desired result. 

  • I approach each person as a unique individual and tailor guidance to accommodate their specific nutritional preferences. While I typically emphasise a plant-based approach to nutrition, I recognise and respect that everyone has different values and resources.









Craig Ballard; PT, Nutritionist, Coach, Athlete
Qualifications & Experience

  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition (MSc) 

  • Sports & Exercise Sciences (BSc)

  • Sports Massage Therapy (Level 3 Diploma)

  • Personal Trainer (YMCA Level 3)

  • Previous Natural Bodybuilding competitor

  • Previous Boxing & Kickboxing competitor

  • 10 Years of Industry Experience 

  • 16 Years of Training Experience

  • Plant-Based, Natural/Drug Free Athlete

  • Outdoors enthusiast and Netflix junkie

Craig Ballard Beets Nutrition
Tough Mudder Beets Nutrition
Craig Ballard Beets Nutrition
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