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Do our taste buds really change?

Do your taste buds actually change as you get older, or does your view towards certain foods change?

I feel that the majority of us don’t give food a fair chance, especially when it comes to ‘healthy’ food sources, those less processed options.

Olives… used to hate them, not sure why, I think I just didn’t quite get the concept of a salty fruit (yes olives are in fact a fruit).

Beetroot was another food I found strange as a child, probably due to their appearance, but have consistently eaten them most days for the last few years.

We tend to give these foods one glance before turning away towards the pre-made or ready to eat ‘food’ with more appealing packaging.

And I get it, I mean just look at a cabbage or a stem of broccoli… not the sexiest of foods, but dress them up and show them a good time and you can make something special.

Take some lightly steamed or pan fried stemmed broccoli served with a soy sauce marinade, and you have something rather appetising, more so than the sad broccoli you saw on the store shelf.

If we start to look at these healthier food options with the view of what we can transform them into, things start to become more appealing.

This is how I imagine top chefs look at foods. Ever seen the film Chef? The things he does with a grilled cheese sandwich... (watch it, but not on an empty stomach)

So next time you’re in the supermarket, be brave, try that odd looking vegetable you always look at and wonder ‘what is that?’, ‘what are you supposed to do with it?’.

99% of the time you’ll be able to chuck it into a curry, or the safer option of a stir fry.

You might even find a new favorite food/dish, or even turn into a culinary genius! (but don't get ahead of yourself).

Much love



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