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➢ Nutrition Foundation
➢ 3-2-1 Diet Design
➢ Performance Strategies
➢ Supplementation
➢ Personalised Program Design
➢ Muscle Gain Principles
➢ Progressive Overload
➢ De-load & Recovery
➢ Mindset & Goal Setting
➢ Performance Orientation
➢ Self Reflection & Evaluation
➢ Values

Are you struggling to make consistent results?

Created on a collaborative platform (google sheets), your personalised program includes an exercise testing phase to accurately assess your abilities. It is complemented by nutritional objectives and lifting progressions to guarantee results.

This system enables you to monitor your daily and weekly objective as well as subjective measures. The key to achieving lasting results lies in capturing essential exercise and nutrition variables in a manner that highlights weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Access to exercise and nutrition resources, educational content, ebooks and tutorials.

Bi-weekly check-ins and communication with your coach to answer any problems as they arise.

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