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"The change I've experienced in the last year since training online with Craig has been incredible. Thanks to him I now eat a healthy and balanced diet, I'm lifting weights and running most days of the week and there have been massively positive changes in my physical and mental health, all without stepping foot once in a gym, making do at home with just a couple of dumbbells and a barbell".


     "A lifetime of poor eating/drinking habits and supreme lack of exercise finally caught up to me when I turned 30; I lacked energy, felt and looked out of shape, I had developed back issues from poor posture (spending hours a day hunched over a guitar) and in general was suffering daily from low self-esteem. I also had sustained a pretty big wrist injury that sidelined me for a few months from my main passion/career of playing music just as the first lockdown hit. I wanted to get healthy and do something positive for myself, but had no idea how or what to do to get fit, especially with gyms closed from COVID (not that I had any idea what to do in one anyway!) which lead me to reach out to Craig, and I haven't looked back since"!

"It was super tough at first, being a complete beginner with practically no upper body strength or experience, especially with my wrist injury, but Craig knew exactly how to manage my routine and not overload or overwhelm me. He has an excellent knowledge of nutrition, and I've learnt a lot from him about maintaining a healthy, balanced diet - I appreciate how Craig understands the power of habit, and how making small adjustments over time is the way to get big results, which is the approach he took with tweaking my diet, and it worked a treat! I honestly didn't expect such a lifestyle change In the space of a few weeks/months"!

    "The amount of time and frustration I've saved from having Craig there telling me what I should be eating and how I should be training each week has been invaluable - He's a kind, friendly, passionate and down-to-earth guy, and without him there's a strong chance I would've gotten frustrated from a perceived lack of visible progress and potentially given up near the start! He's always been there letting me know I'm on the right path and reassuring me in the inevitable frustrating weeks, and pointing out all the improvements in my weekly progress photos - I barely recognise the person from my Day 1 pics! He's always been quick to respond to any questions I have, and his planner system for nutrition + training is very well crafted and easy to use. I also can't understate the importance and motivation gained from having the accountability and feedback from someone who knows what they're talking about"!

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