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'A simple ten step process that helps you evaluate your diet and exercise to assist you in producing your very own personalised program'

Ten Step guide_edited.jpg
Ten Step guide_edited_edited.jpg

This Guide Covers...

  1.  Choosing a diet approach

  2.  Selecting an eating routine

  3.  Picking your diet goal

  4.  How and when to prepare meals

  5.  How to track your diet progress

  6.  Choosing an exercise approach

  7.  Picking your exercise goals

  8.  Creating an exercise routine

  9.  How to fit your routine around your lifestyle

  10.  How to track your exercise progress

This exercise and nutrition checklist looks at the fundamentals of building a successful nutrition and training approach to fit whatever goal you may have. Breaking down each step, this short guide provides you with multiple options to choose from in order to construct the best program possible for you and your goal... and it's FREE!

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