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>>> Do Not Close This Page <<<

Below is everything you need to know to get started

What to expect...

📞  Weekly Communication: Weekly Check-ins, Q&A's

🥅  Goal Setting: Identify your goals and create a personalised plan 

⌚️  Accountability: Tracking and sharing your progress, holding you responsible for taking action, and keeping you motivated

🖥️  Resources and materials: Relevant resources, tools, and materials to support your development

👨‍🎓 Expertise and guidance: Offer guidance, share insights, and provide valuable feedback to help you reach your goals

🙂 Support and encouragement: Provide motivation and encouragement to overcome obstacles

🔐 Confidentiality: Adherence to ethical guidelines and ensure that your information and discussions remain private and secure


In order to provide a smooth and efficient service BEETS uses 2 different platforms to deliver coaching, communication and resources. Create a member login and DOWNLOAD a copy of the group program from the google sheets link below.


Coaching Material


  1. Bookmark this page.

  2. Download software, create and join accounts; Membership, Google Drive, Google Sheets

  3. Read the handbook and watch the program tutorial. 

  4. Receive your program (24-48hr) and fill in your information. Edit the training program to align with your goals and training preference. 

  5. Make sure to add my email address to your contacts so that you receive the updates and materials [how to].

  6. Lastly, follow Beets social media pages.

Your Program...

Google Sheets Program: Below you will find your handbook with short video tutorials walking you through your program. To access your program on the go or in the gym, download the google sheets application and pin it to your home screen. 

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