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Below is everything you need to know to get started

What to expect from your coaching experience...

📞  Weekly Communication: Check-ins, feedback Q&A's, Video calls

🥅  Goal Setting: Identify your goals and create a personalised plan to achieve them

⌚️  Accountability: Tracking your progress, holding you responsible for taking action, and keeping you motivated

🖥️  Resources and materials: Relevant resources, tools, and materials to support your development

👨‍🎓 Expertise and guidance: Offer guidance, share insights, and provide valuable feedback to help you reach your goals

🙂 Support and encouragement: Listen, understand your challenges, and provide motivation to overcome obstacles

🔐 Confidentiality: Adherence to ethical guidelines and ensure that your personal information and discussions remain private and secure

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In order to provide a smooth and efficient service Beets uses 3 different platforms to deliver coaching, communication and resources. DOWNLOAD and CREATE an account for platform via the links below.


Coaching Material


If you already have an account for the above platforms, please continue down to 'The Coaching System'.



Below is a link to your 'Coaching Handbook' which I encourage to you read to best understand how to use your program and educate yourself on the main principles of physique development. 

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Your personalised program will be shared via Google Sheets, a spreadsheet which can be amended in real time by both you and I.

You will be expected to update this weekly so your progress can be monitored and amendments made to best suit you and your goals.

Download the 'Google Sheets' application to view on your mobile device,

App Store or Google Play.



I will check in with you every Friday via Telegram with a check-in form.


For Q&A's, communication will be checked on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to answer any questions you may have.

You will be prompted to schedule a Bi-weekly video check in with me via Google Meet, a video sharing platform which you can access from your google drive. Alternatively, submit any questions and and I will send a video update/feedback. 



You'll be provided with a Telegram link to join Beets Coaching Messaging. Response time to communications will be answered within 24 hours, though I do aim to respond sooner. Please be aware that any questions or contact will not be answered over weekends or during out of office hours (Tuesday, Thursday).

I prefer you use a bullet point format or a voice note for questions (5mins tops).



  1. Bookmark this page

  2. Download software/create accounts; Telegram, Google Drive, Google Sheets

  3. Read the 'Coaching Handbook' 

  4. Follow Beets social media pages

  5. Receive a link to you program <48 hours after sign up

  6. Await your onboarding consultation call (booked through the onboarding form)

Coaching Expectations...

Accountability: I will ensure that you are responsible for finishing tasks, accomplishing your daily objectives, and providing updates on a weekly basis. I understand that different clients have varying preferences when it comes to guidance. Some prefer more independence and prefer to proceed with the program with minimal assistance. On the other hand, some clients appreciate being challenged and need regular reminders to follow training principles and daily routines. During our onboarding call, we will discuss your preferences regarding accountability. It's important to strike the right balance, as excessive accountability can be bothersome and unhelpful, while insufficient accountability may lead to incomplete tasks and not reaching your desired goals.

Your Program...

Training & Nutrition Program: In the members area you will find a short video tutorial walking you through your program. Craig will allocate and personalise a program based on the information you provide within the onboarding form. Over time Craig will amend your program as you progress, collaborating with you to select exercises and training methods that suit your goals and personal preference. To access your program on the go, download the google sheets application and pin it to your home screen. 

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